April 2, 2022

Content Markup

Pro Tip:

Use markup in your articles to insert media and add html tags to style text.

HTML Markup
Wrap your content within a opening and closing tag, eg:
[@i] italic [@/i]
[@b] bold [@/b]
[@u] underline [@/u]

Other Markup
Also requires opening and closure tags:
Square Brackets, used to output an opening ([) and closing (]) square bracket:
[@sb] [italic] [@/sb]
This method is how we've written the examples here without actually rendering the markup.

[@at] @papersea
Incase you ever want to mention users without actually tagging them

Each image you add to the article you can use within the Article Content itself. Allowing beautifully flexible formatting of your content. Just remember to set Media Display = Disabled within the article settings to remove the default media gallery.
Eg, the following snippet:

Image by @jonny

Image by @jonny

Outputs the below:

Image by @jonny

Image by @jonny

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